3 Must-Have RPR Reports for Farming

RPR reports are the perfect icebreaker for canvassing agents who need an “in” with potential sellers. No need to carry the print outs with you. With RPR’s app in hand, agents can easily retrieve saved reports, such as the Market Activity Report or, within mere seconds, create and send an RPR Property or Neighborhood Report … anytime and from anywhere.

And because your name, brokerage and contact information are included in every report, the homeowner has a takeaway he/she can refer to later.

Market Activity Report

Prior to walking your farm area, generate and save a Market Activity Report––a snapshot of all the changes in a local real estate market. The report includes a list of active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties, including recent price changes.

Then, when striking up a conversation with homeowners, use your phone or tablet to retrieve your saved report, showing them the area’s sales activity, even offering to email or text the report without skipping a beat (remember, you can create/customize/send any of RPR’s eight customizable reports right from your phone).

Property Report

RPR’s Property Report takes a deep dive into data sets like property characteristics, values, listing and foreclosure activity, market statistics, demographics, property history, taxes, and school information, and even the property’s before-and-after photos.

The report is a great marketing tool for those farming follow-up  efforts. And remember, with RPR you don’t need to go back to the office. Let the homeowner know that you can easily email, text, or hardcopy a Property Report, complete with your evaluation of the home’s value as well as comps from the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Report

RPR’s Neighborhood Report is a user-friendly configuration of data that will help you know a farm area from the inside out. The report profiles the people, economy, quality of life, and housing for the areas you choose, and can be a great icebreaker when introducing yourself to homeowners with a “Get to Know Your Neighborhood” campaign.

Much like the Market Activity Report, generate the Neighborhood Report prior to walking your farm area. Then use your phone or tablet to share the report, even offering to instantly email or text it to the homeowner. You might even want to pull out a fun or intriguing fact about the area and start the conversation off with a “Did you know” question.

New from RPR! Insert PDFs into your reports

Now REALTORS® can easily upload PDF’s into reports they create from RPR. The new feature is an excellent way to showcase your biography, testimonials, additional statistics, and specific marketing tools and methods you employ for your clients. Brokers enrolled in RPR’s Broker Tools have the option to also include an additional five PDF pages for their agents to use as well.

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