“Best Of” the RPR Blog: 2021 Edition

Our “Best Of” trip down 2021’s memory lane continues with a look at RPR’s (Realtors Property Resource) most popular and most helpful residential real estate articles from this past year.

It was a tough choice, but we got it down to these half dozen. As you review these highlights, remember that you can still apply all of the subject matter to your prep and planning for 2022.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of our loyal users and readers.

  • How to Create Instagram Posts for Your Real Estate Business with Canva
    FOMO alert! This one’s a game-changer, folks. This article shows agents how easy it is to create engaging, attention-getting graphics for your social media channels. It takes you through all the steps on how to use Canva’s templates with RPR’s data to break through and get noticed. Don’t miss out!

  • RPR Writes the Book on Real Estate Prospecting
    We became authors last year! Jokes aside, RPR did produce an A to Z eBook on prospecting for clients. It’s everything you need to know about implementing a successful farming strategy. Click the link to get your exclusive download today.

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Spot-on CMAs
    The ability to build (and adjust) a complete CMA is one of RPR’s most-used features. This article breaks down the steps necessary to create a comparative market analysis that you can present or share with confidence.

  • Find Sellers Now! Farming for Prospects With RPR
    Sellers were scarce this past year, which prompted us to drop this article during one of the hottest markets on record. It offers helpful tips and tricks for finding listing clients and how you can use RPR to help do it.

  • How Much is That Home Upgrade Worth?
    2021’s molten hot real estate market came with weekly home valuation jumps. This step by step article shows agents how to apply RPR’s Refine Value tool in determining home valuations, including how to adjust for home upgrades, as well as needed repairs.

  • 10 Things For RPR New Users To Know About RPR Residential
    What’s a “Year in Review” without a top 10 list? This collection of articles came out at the same time RPR unveiled the new “refreshed” version of its website. This “New User Series” is the ideal place for beginners and new agents to start their RPR journey.

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