Subscriber Survey Changes Game Plan for MLS/AOR

Results from a recent survey have led this 6,000-member real estate Association/MLS to a more balanced approach regarding how and which technology tools are offered to subscribers.

As one of two MLSs nationwide owned-and-operated by a state Association, historically Rhode Island / State-Wide MLS aimed to provide subscribers with as many real estate tools as possible, said John Breault, vice president of MLS & member services. Yet, according to John, the dashboard tiles kept adding up.

“It’s a balancing act,” he said. “We want to provide customers necessary tools to do business but don’t want to overwhelm them with tools they’re not going to leverage.”

John Breault, Vice President, Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®

That balancing act took a turn for the better when State-Wide, a Top 100 Swanepoel member, launched a sweeping customer satisfaction survey. At its core, the survey aimed to identify which tools are being used by customers, what value they held, and whether the MLS is doing enough to deliver first-in-class tools and services.

The results supported many of John’s hunches: