Why use the RPR app? Hear from these seven REALTORS®

1Impress Clients With Instant Access to Data

Open Houses present a prime opportunity for RPR users to demonstrate their ability to respond instantly to every type of inquiry. (And while Open Houses might not be happening in many areas of the country right now, this strategy can also be utilized as buyers visit or preview a home as well.)

As guests express interest in nearby properties, a quick RPR search on your tablet or phone will yield current listings by list or map view. Use the buyer’s preferences to email or text RPR Property Reports on potential properties, as well as an RPR Neighborhood Report which presents an in-depth portrait of the people who live in a target area.

Others may ask about area schools. Here, jump right back into RPR and offer to email or text them an RPR School Report, an in-depth portrait of student populations, testing outcomes, parental reviews, ratings, and contact information about a public or private school.

For those interested in your listing, an RPR Comp Analysis will demonstrate your razor-like precision on how you determined the home’s list price.

“I downloaded the RPR app three days prior to my open house and played around with it for about 30 seconds. I’m new to RPR so I had honestly forgotten about it. The RPR’s app returned search results within seconds, instantly displaying every home for sale within a half mile radius of where we were standing… including, of all places, a listing right across the street.”

Gregg Center, REALTOR®, Sarasota, Florida

2Turn an Unplanned Obstacle Into a Win

On her way to a friend’s baby shower, Nicole Nicolay, a REALTOR® from Livermore, California, received a call from one of her buyers. A “For Sale” sign had popped up in the yard of a house the buyer thought “could be the one” and she hoped Nicole could show her the property immediately.

Nicole quickly pulled up the property on the RPR app, reviewed the MLS notes, and clicked the app’s “Call Listing Agent” button. Minutes later, she had arranged for an immediate showing and got right back out on the road.

Her client was not only impressed that Nicole could get there almost at a moment’s notice, but that she already knew everything there was to know about the home, even before they got there. And while her client was looking around, Nicole continued looking at the property in RPR Mobile™ and discovered that the house had been on the market for 45 days and that there had been a couple of price reductions––all concrete negotiables.

“As a REALTOR®, I always want to have all the access to the information I need. And I always want to be prepared. With RPR Mobile™, I have that information and the confidence to know I’m always going to have an answer.”

Nicole Nicolay, REALTOR®, Livermore, California

3Turn Offline Conversations Into Opportunities

Look to RPR Mobile™ as the most important asset in your farming toolbox.

While walking the neighborhood, use the RPR app to quickly reveal each home in the area along with relevant facts you’ll need to take your interaction from introduction to a commitment. Then, chat or reach out to the homeowners, and offer to text or email them an RPR Property Report, which includes the Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®), or an RPR Market Activity Report––a profile of the changes in a local real estate market that includes active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties, among others.

While you’re there, use the app to take photos of the home’s exterior and notes about your conversation and then upload them to your customized RPR report.

Even better, create your RPR Market Activity and Neighborhood Reports before you leave the office. The reports are automatically synced with your app, so within seconds you can retrieve, email or text them to your prospect. The RPR app is truly your on-the-go office.

“Telephone solicitations are no longer effective. And marketing pieces, such as postcards, can be valuable, but our greatest reward comes from establishing relationships in neighborhoods, by meeting people on their sidewalks and in their living rooms.”

Claire Bisignano Chesnoff, REALTOR®, Staten Island, New York

4Be the Subject Matter Expert

Helping consumers determine a listing’s perceived value arises out of the discovery process—a system of checks and balances that identifies distinguishable differences between comparable properties. What tips the scales in favor of transitioning inquiring clients into happy homeowners is the ability to offer accurate, insightful information to those clients at the very moment they inquire.

Here’s a REALTOR® who says on-the-spot access to RPR data saves both her and her buyers time and money by being able to dig into property comparisons via photos, descriptions, etc., and offering an in-depth, professional opinion of the listing’s market value––all while on the tour.

“If I’m showing a listing and my clients comment on a similar house being offered at a lower price, I simply pull up RPR on my phone. With RPR’s app, I can instantly compare both properties with photos, descriptions, etc., and offer my clients an in-depth, professional opinion of the listing’s market value—all while we’re at the showing.”

Kimberly Poisso, REALTOR® , Winnfield, Louisiana

5Create a Collaborative Experience

No longer are REALTORS® keepers of the ancient knowledge archive, otherwise known as the MLS book. The advent of consumer facing, real estate data websites has changed all of that, and ultimately transformed the traditional role of a real estate agent.

By tapping into RPR Mobile, REALTORS® create an environment where they and their clients embark on a journey of mutual discovery. It’s common practice for REALTORS® to share their iPad or smartphone with clients and walk them through RPR, exploring listings, schools, neighborhoods, maps and dozens of other interactive features of the app. The collaborative tone gives both buyers and sellers opportunities to ask questions that the app can immediately answer, thereby building buy-in as the process evolves.

“You don’t remember everything you’ve been told but when you see something, and you are told something, your mind retains it much better. RPR Mobile makes that whole process smooth with its slick performance and incredible options. And it’s so easy to use, even for those who feel challenged by technology.”

Bill Lublin, REALTOR® , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6Meet People Where They are

Being a REALTOR® and asking people for their business can be awkward for both parties. Yet this REALTOR® has developed an airtight method of breaking the ice with anyone he encounters. At grocery store checkouts, a dentist’s office, or while at the local playground, he is confident enough in his abilities and the tools at hand to spark conversations about the real estate market, knowing he can act upon any inquiry just by tapping into RPR’s app on his mobile device.

These simple conversations about how the market is doing or the value of a home can easily lead to asking someone for their email address and then sending them an RPR Property Report or Market Activity Report, all in the time it takes to pick up your dry cleaning.

“Wherever I am, personally or professionally, it just comes naturally to talk to people about real estate. And using the RPR app as my icebreaker, I’m able to transition a casual conversation into a working relationship with ease.”

Jickson Chacko, REALTOR® , Denver, Colorado

7Provide Quick Answers for Online Leads

REALTORS® are on the road, all the time. Why not have tools that allow you to respond to prospects within seconds of receiving a text message or phone call? With RPR Mobile you can text or email an RPR Property Report (or any of RPR’s eight, customizable reports) to your prospect from anywhere, at anytime. RPR’s Property Report includes everything there is to know about a home, including all of its basic facts, photos, and list price; tax, assessment, and mortgage history; maps, neighborhood, and school information, among other data sets.

So next time a client texts to say she just drove by a home for sale and would like to know more about it, or a prospect calls to say he’s seen your name on a property sign, offer to take their contact information and email them an RPR Property Report. They’ll be impressed by your acute responsiveness, and the professional layout and detail of your branded RPR report.

“RPR is one of the main tools I use in my business. By working RPR Mobile™ into the equation, I’m able to reply instantly to the lead from the side of the road, in a parking lot, or at the office—capitalizing on the opportunity to elevate awareness of my brand, earn clients and close.”

Dale Chumbley, REALTOR® , Vancouver, Washington

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  1. Alex Cortez June 20, 2017 at 10:46 am - Reply

    Frankly, RPR is one of the best resources a Realtor has at their disposal. I highly encourage any Realtor to try implementing the RPR App in their day-to-day operations and most will continue to use due to the App’s user-friendliness, in-depth aggregate of data, and mobile usability.

  2. Dennis Blackmore June 21, 2017 at 4:09 am - Reply

    I am actually shocked how many REALTOR(S) do not know about this or use it…it is a great reinforcement/comparison tool when using with local MLS.

  3. David Barr June 22, 2017 at 5:57 am - Reply

    Not only is it great in the field with clients, it’s also an excellent source of marketing material. I use reports for online content which my competitors are not using, providing great SEO benefit.

  4. Randy Collins July 12, 2017 at 3:51 am - Reply

    Looks great. I look forward to using it regularly.

  5. Denise Moore July 14, 2017 at 8:26 am - Reply

    This is one of the best app’s for a Realtor!

  6. Jim Armstrong February 19, 2019 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    I love it and use it all the time to quickly access data and be a valued resource for my clients.

  7. Theresa December 19, 2019 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    I would like more info on this one.

  8. Reggie Nicolay December 20, 2019 at 7:06 am - Reply

    Hi Teresa, When you have a moment visit this page and download the RPR mobile app: https://blog.narrpr.com/mobile

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