State-Wide MLS Collaborates With RPR to Display Listings Nationwide

In 2019, State-Wide MLS Inc., based in Rhode Island, launched a sweeping customer satisfaction survey. At its core, the survey aimed to identify which tools were being used by customers, what value they held, and whether the MLS was doing enough to deliver first-in-class tools and services.

One of the main findings from this audit revealed that RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is a top contender in State-Wide MLS’s offerings. By fully leveraging the platform’s integrations of SSO, deep links and training resources, they increased usage by 19%.

So when the MLS wanted to provide a greater market presence for the listings from its 6000 subscriber base, they turned to RPR. As a result, they now stand among hundreds of like-minded organizations that have chosen to create greater visibility for subscriber listings—a cost-effective move that significantly contributes to referral pipelines and helps REALTORS® work together to meet consumer needs.

“We’re happy to know that RPR provides a secure platform to expose our subscribers listings to the widest possible audience of REALTORS®, thus securing the greatest referral opportunity for our subscribers and expanded market exposure for their clients.”

Phil Tedesco, CEO, State-Wide MLS

Like many MLSs, State-Wide MLS recognizes the value of REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® referrals, which can account for a core portion of an agent’s revenue. According to a 2019 report from Referral Exchange, the number of agents earning between $20,000 and $50,000 in referral fees increased by 20%.

Displaying on-market listings to all REALTORS® is one of several RPR integrations offered to MLSs. Others include branding, deep linking, single sign-on, and data sharing through RPR View™.

If you’d like more information about RPR View™ and the opportunities it offers brokerages, associations and MLSs to display on-market listings nationwide, please contact an RPR Industry Relations representative at: [email protected].

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