Commercial Property Details

After getting familiar with how to conduct a search and mastering the maps in RPR, you’ll select a commercial property and find yourself on the Property Details page. And as the name implies, you’ll be instantly supplied with a ton of details and key facts.

There are three main tabs that make up a Commercial Property Details page:

  1. Property Information
  2. Trade Area
  3. My Updates

Dig into the details

When you first pull up a Property Details page, you can get a clear view (literally) of the property using Street or Satellite views. They’re accessible just above the main photo. Also, if available, view a virtual tour and historical photos of the property.

After finding the view you prefer, it’s time to dig into the details. The Property Summary includes basic facts as well as pricing information if the property is For Sale or For Lease. A For Sale property will display the Listing Agent information, including their contact information. A For Lease property will show you additional suite options below the Property Summary section.

In some instances, RPR may have more than one version of a listing, or the listing could be for sale and for lease, or there could be multiple suites available in one building. In the Multiple Listings section you’ll see each record we have from our listing partners.

Another good section to check out is the Additional Resources area; scroll down the right sidebar to find it. Here you have access to various RPR partners that can add value to a transaction. For example, you can run an investment analysis with Valuate®, access Commercial comps through Compstak, or take a look at the property on one of our listing partner sites.