Using RPR Commercial Maps Insights to Your Advantage

If you’re a commercial practitioner or a resimercial specialist, there’s a lot of data for you to explore and leverage in RPR Commercial Maps. This article will cover how to use them to visually search for properties and uncover market trends.

We’ll also go over how to use the RPR map to help better understand and target a Trade Area using Points of Interest, Traffic Counts and Data layers. As well as how to search for properties and create trade area reports by using any of the drawing tools. Let’s get to business…

Map out your commercial plan of attack

There are multiple ways to start a map search, but the quickest is to simply click the Research menu (in the upper right navigation area) and select Commercial Map Insights. Your search will automatically switch to Commercial (if you were previously on the Residential search). If you have location services enabled for RPR, the map will automatically start based on your location.